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North End Zone Loge
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North End Zone Loge
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       Note: If you wish to pay the deposit in full, please contact the athletic ticket office, 828-262-2079. Otherwise, ticket deposits are automatically set up for a payment plan. The 1st payment will be processed on June 30th, 2nd payment on August 30th, 3rd payment on October 31st and the final payment on December 31st. 

Seats are secured when deposit is paid in full
All payments must be paid in full by December 31, 2019
Final seat selection will be based on lifetime giving to the Yosef Club as of December 31, 2019
If payment for Loge Box is not received by April 30th prior to the upcoming season, seats will be removed and a new seat deposit
       fee will be required to obtain a future North End Zone Loge Box.

Please call Derek Shook at 828-262-2495 or email shookdj@appstate.edu with any questions


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Ticket Prices
Loge 6 seater ($1,000.00)
Loge 4 seater ($1,000.00)
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