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Tribe Basketball Fan Cut Out
Tribe Basketball Fan Cut Out
Tribe Basketball Fan Cut Out
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Fan Cutout Tips

For fans who purchase a fan cutout, please send your photo for your fan cutout (see tips below) to marketing@wm.edu.

Tips for the Perfect Photo

Sport your favorite green & gold Tribe gear!
Choose a shirt a different color than your background
Wearing a hat too low can cast a shadow on your face
If you wear glasses, try tilting or angling your face to avoid glare on your glasses. Avoid using the flash, as well.
For best results use a solid-color background
Avoid back lighting – do not stand in front of a window or a door
Check background for any personal or private information that you would not want to be visible
The Photo:
Have another person take the photo for you - no selfies
Photos from smart phones will work just fine
Include space around your head and shoulders so that your arms/body are not chopped off.
For best results, stand 3-4 feet from the camera
Take the photo from the waist up, at eye level
Take the photo vertically (portrait orientation)
Props such as foam fingers or flags will get cut off if they extend beyond the width/height of your shoulders.
The File:
Be sure to send as large of a file as possible
All submissions are subject to approval
Cutout Examples