Sophomore guard Hillary Sigmon recently sat down with the Charlotte 49ers athletic media relations office and talked about her summer and the upcoming season. Last season, Sigmon was named to the Atlantic 10 All-Rookie team. Sigmon scored in double figures 10 times last season and finished fifth on the team in scoring at seven points per game.

How is your summer going? Overall it is going pretty good.  I got through Chemistry I and now I am on to Chemistry II which is very stressful because it is hard, but I will get through it.

What is your major? I am going to major in Biology.

Are those classes a part of you major? Yes, we have to take four Chemistry classes. Chemistry I & II and Organic Chemistry I & II.

This past year started a little slow and you ended up making the A-10 all-rookie team.  Was that what you expected coming into your freshman seasonNot at all, I was just trying to get experience and learn a lot.  I grew a lot as the season went on and I am fortunate that I was recognized for that award.

Even though it was a loss, you shot well during the second half of the Saint Louis game in the A-10 tournament, despite having the opposing team's coaching staff tell their team to make sure you do not even catch the ball.  Is that a goal for you to be that kind of player going forward? Yes, I want people to know me and say don't let her touch the ball or do anything.  I want to be unstoppable, that's my goal.

How interesting was it for a high school teammate (Jada Payne, La Salle) to make the A-10 all-rookie team with you? We played for three years together at Hickory and we played great together. It was just a great honor that we got recognized from the same high school together.

I know you're going to classes, I assume you are working out and playing pick-up with the rest of the team.  With the rest of the team here, how is that bonding experience going this summer? It's going really great.  The freshman that are here, they are great people, funny, and fun to be around.  I feel we have great chemistry to start off.

I know you won't have bag duty this year, and with that you will kind of move into a leadership role, do you feel comfortable with that? Yeah, I have a problem getting my voice heard a lot and that was my problem my freshman year, but this year having more experience and knowing the team a lot better, I think my leadership will show a lot more. 

Now that the coaching staff has a year under their belt as well, how is that going with you and the rest of the team? It is going pretty smooth.

I know a lot of the people think that the season starts in October, but it really starts now.  Is that the kind of thought process the team looks to in order to push towards their goal of the A-10 Championship? I think it started as soon as the off-season training began.  We have been focused on the goal and getting better as a team with our chemistry, our attitude, the way we approach things and how we work out has been better.

What are your personal goals for the season? Not only lead the team, but improve my game by getting to the basket more or on the spot shooting.  I want to get stronger and quicker.

What are you doing for the rest of the summer? Just workouts and class and that's about it.

You went to high school not too far from here, how is playing college basketball close to where you grew up? I love it. I don't think I would go much further than two hours away from home because I love home and I go home as much as I can this summer.  You don't get a lot of time to go home during the season.  I will go home and work with kids in my neighborhood. I am kind of the known person in my county and the kids kind of look up to me, so it is a great experience to go home to that.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? Why? My mom. She has been my rock with my dad passing away.  She has just been so great. I don't know how to repay her for all that she has done for me.  She has been my biggest influence.

I guess that helps her with you being so close to homeYeah, I am able to have a big family support around me too.  That was a major decision on coming to Charlotte.