The Charlotte 49ers Fight Song:

"Hail, Char-lotte 49ers. proud as we can be,

We'll stand to fight for the green and white

'Til we win the vic-to-ry, "GO NINERS!"

"We pledge our trust in you

And wave your colors high,

The loyal Niner Nation cheers

Forever!  We'll Fight-Fight-Fight!"


The music was composed by former music faculty member Dr. Harry Bulow in 2001 and performed for the first time during basketball season that year.  It replaced one which belonged to the University of Texas at Austin, entitled "Texas Fight," which had been used since the late 1960's.

The new fight song was played for five years before Dr. Laurence Marks, UNC Charlotte's director of bands,  composed a set of lyrics in 2006.  Minor changes suggested by the campus administration, Athletics, and students were accepted by Marks and submitted for final approval by the Chancellor and the 49ers Fight Song, refelcted above, was born.