In 2015, Rams Club giving level minimums for the Rameses level and above increased for the first time since 2003 (increases reflected in chart below).  For more information on these changes, please click here.

Also, The Rams Club has announced two new giving levels in 2015: Champion & All American.  These two new premium giving levels come with numerous benefits never before available to Rams Club members.  For more information on these two levels, please visit these pages (All American - Champion) or call Nick Fulton at 919.843.5782.

To Join The Rams Club, call 919.843.2000 or create an account online by clicking "Join The Rams Club" left button below.  If you have graduated from Carolina within the past 5 years, you qualify to pay 50% of any giving level as part of The Rams Club's Young Alumni program - please click the middle button below.  If you're a Current UNC Student, you can join The Rams Club as a Student Ram member - click the right button below.




 2017 Rams Club Benefits (PDF)