"Student-Athletes Gliding to Success"

UNCW CHAMPS/Life Skills Program



  Commitments to Personal Development


"To support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being, personal growth and decision-making skills"

The UNCW athletic department provides educational programming designed to explore and promote life skills such as:

 *Values clarification

*Decision making

*Stress management

*Fiscal Responsibility 

  *Topics of diversity

 *Personal health

*Alcohol and drug education

*Healthy relationships

  *Media relations

*Financial issues


*Violence prevention


The programs help support the development of a well balanced lifestyle for student-athletes, encourage emotional well-being, personal growth and decision-making skills.  Programs offered within this area for student-athletes encompass a variety of topics. The Life Skills Coordinator, schedules seminars and presentations on these topics throughout the year.


Freshman Seminar

In a addition to educational programming by the athletic department, first year student-athletes take  UNI 101  Freshman Seminar This 2 credit hour elective freshman seminar course is designed to integrate first year student-athletes into the university community and to expectations of university life.  This course explores faculty and student roles, goals of liberal arts learning, academic ethics, and application of effective strategies for time management, study skills, critical thinking, public speaking, electronic communication, and career selection.  Emphasis is placed on the development of a mentor relationship between instructor and students. The atmosphere within this small class setting is one of open communication, mutual respect, and celebration of the diversity of the university community.


Campus Wide Student Support Services

The UNCW athletic department works with campus wide offices and services to provide programming and seminars for student-athletes. 


Career Services

Financial Aid

  Leadership Service and Education 

Office of the Dean of Students


 Student Affairs


Housing and Residence Life


Campus Police


Office of

Campus Diversity


Assault Response

and Education



Student Health








 Campus Activities and Involvement Center

Substance Abuse


 & Education