WingTIPS                                "Student-Athletes Gliding to Success"

UNCW CHAMPS/Life Skills Program 





Commitments to Career Development  


  "To encourage the student-athlete to develop and pursue career and life goals"

 Career workshop topics have included the following:  


*Career Awareness

*Resume and Cover Letter Preparation

*Interview Skills Training

 *Job Search Skills

*Business Etiquette

 *Dressing for Success

*Career Networking

*Career Exploration  Opportunities


*Graduate School

*Life After    Sports

  *Summer     Jobs


Career speakers are also brought in by the department of athletics.  Student-athletes receive further information on the future challenges of the job search process, coaching on how to identify and how to sell their individual unique skill set. 

Student-athletes are strongly encouraged to visit the UNCW Career Services Center where they can receive additional information on career counseling, career workshops, internship information, preparing for interviews and job placement assistance. To access career services home page click here.

A major focus of the UNCW Life Skills program is preparing our student athletes for life after college and the end of their intercollegiate athletic careers.  Student-Athlete Academic Support works closely with the University Career Services Center to provide workshops to educate student-athletes about the job search process, provide networking opportunities, and to assist with job placement.  Student-athletes are encouraged to participate as early as in their freshmen year in self-exploration workshops about career choices and to help them in choosing a major. A major goal of the athletic department is to its help student-athletes develop into individuals who will have rewarding careers and productive lives after they leave the UNCW.