"Student-Athletes Gliding to Success"

UNCW CHAMPS/Life Skills Program





Commitments to Academic Excellence

"To support the academic progress of the student-athlete toward intellectual development and graduation "

The term “student-athlete” embodies the vision of the Athletic Department at UNC Wilmington. Each individual is a student first and an athlete second. The relationships developed with coaches, professors and staff will assist student-athletes in reaching their highest goals at UNCW and after graduation.

UNCW is a place where students begin a new phase of their life in the

areas of athletics, academics and  personal interests. The University offers student-athletes the best of college   life, with faculty, staff and coaches more than willing to help each individual become successful.

The Student-Athlete Academic Support Office works extremely hard in preparing every new student's transition to college life. Office staff advises, counsel and direct, but the student-athlete must assume responsibility for his or her education. It's very important that student-athletes attend class, utilize study hall and make appointments with professors or advisors on a regular basis. Student-athletes have the support of the Athletic Department in every area of student life, and our primary goal is to see everyone graduate with the degree of their choice. Advising, tutoring, counseling and workshops are readily available to help student-athletes reach their academic potential and become well-rounded individuals.


Educational and SupportiveServices


University Learning Services

The staff, tutors and consultants of University Learning Services come from diverse backgrounds and experience, but are united by a threefold purpose:

  • challenge and support UNCW students in reaching their academic goals

  • integrate learning support resources and services with content

  • support the learning objectives of faculty across the curriculum

 Working in partnership with the students we serve, the ULS personnel seek to enhance each student’s academic and personal growth. The ULS is composed of three centers: Tutoring and Learning Center, Math Lab, and Writing Center. All services are free of charge.

Tutoring and Learning Center

Students typically meet with a tutor on a weekly basis throughout the semester, working toward success on exams and eventual self-directed, independent study habits. The center emphasizes that tutoring is not only a resource for those who may be struggling academically, but that it can also be utilized by those who wish to ensure continued academic success. Their homepage may be found here.


The Math Lab

The Math Lab provides tutoring to UNCW students enrolled in 100-level mathematics and basic statistics courses. The Math Lab helps students make the transition to college mathematics by providing:

  • tutoring for MAT 100 through MAT 162 and basic statistics courses such as STT 215;

  • diagnostic and placement testing;

  • course specific review and problem sessions, and

  • help with math study skills and math anxiety.

The homepage for Math Lab can be found here.

The Writing Place                                                                                                                         

The Writing Place is an academic support service for all undergraduates, graduate students, visiting scholars, faculty and staff. Anyone who would like to discuss a piece of writing with an informed, sensitive reader is welcome. In the past, writers have brought to the Writing Place papers for academic courses; dissertation, masters and senior thesis chapters; personal essays for job, graduate school, law school, or medical school applications; creative writing; collaborative writing; articles for publication; commencement speeches; project, thesis or grant proposals; and course syllabi. The homepage for Writing Place can be found here.

University College                                                                                                                       

The University College was created to provide academic advising and support to UNCW students from the time of their admission until their acceptance into majors, which is usually in their sophomore year.

The primary focus of the University College is to ensure that students:

  • make a successful transition to UNCW,
  • are retained in good academic standing,
  • Identify and declare an appropriate major

Through its advisors and academic support programs, the University College works with students in their formative semesters to assist them in developing their interests, skills and talents to the fullest extent. The University College homepage can be found here. At this site, you can find a list of majors offered by UNCW, a list of required courses that you must take during your UNCW academic career, along with other useful tools that will help you during your freshman year.


How to Stay Academically Eligible at UNCW

To maintain your status as being a student in good academic standing at UNCW, you must meet requirements set by the university. A chart of those requirements may be found here. If you fail to meet those requirements, not only will your athletic status be in jeopardy, but your status as a UNCW student will also be at risk. Meeting the requirements will ensure your status as a student, but do not guarantee you athletic eligibility. In some cases, the NCAA or the UNCW Athletic Department may have higher standards for you to gain eligibility. Your advisor will make sure that you are aware of your specific athletic requirements when you arrive on campus.


NCAA Continuing Eligibility

The NCAA has requirements that all student-athletes must meet in order to remain eligible to compete in NCAA events. A list of those requirements can be found here. Your advisor will make you aware of these requirements when you arrive on campus. If you have any questions about how to read this chart, you may contact the Assistant Athletic Director for Academics, Sandy Williford, click here.

*Academic, major choice and career counseling

*Academic advising - class scheduling and eligibility review

*Supervised study sessions


*Tutoring services

*Academic advising center for student-athletes

*UNI 101-University/Orientation class

*Satisfactory progress reports during each semester

*Complementary campus academic programs

*Missed class forms to instructors for athletic travel/competition

*Intervention illness, injuries, etc. reported to faculty

Academic Advising Services

 *Assistance with course registrations         

*Team travel verification letter for instructors

*Progress reports 

*Assistance with tutoring services

*Monitoring of academic progress in meeting UNCW, CAA and NCAA eligibility

*Liaison for student-athletes and coaches with faculty and other academic departments

UNI 101- Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar is designed to introduce first year student-athletes to expectations of university life. This course should provide academic and living skills that will give students a positive experience at UNCW. The UNI 101 course is a 2 hour elective course taught by advisors, staff and faculty and UNCW.


Laptop Program

Students are allowed to check out laptop computers for work on projects and papers when traveling to away competitions. Laptops are distributed on a first come first serve basis and priority is given to student-athletes in season. Student-athletes are responsible for returning the laptop within 24 hours of returning from their away competition.


Study Hall Program

All freshmen and new transfer student-athletes are required to attend ten hours (10) of study hall during their first semester. At the end of the first semester, study hall requirements will remain at ten hours (10) for student-athletes under a 2.25 gpa; otherwise, team study hall requirements will become effective and the head coach will set these requirements. Mandatory study sessions are also required for continuing student-athletes with the ten hour (10) policy applying to those student-athletes who have less than a 2.25 gpa and team study hall requirements applying for the rest.   Study sessions are available in Randall Library, Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm and Sunday-Thursday from 6pm-10pm.  Study sessions are available in the Golden Hawk Room Sundays 4pm to 9pm, Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm and Fridays 10am-2pm.  If a student-athlete violates study hall requirements, he or she will become ineligible for practice and competition until the academic deficiency is satisfied. 

To access information about Student-Athlete Academic Support  please click here.