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The Great Dane Athletic Club serves as the primary fundraising program for UAlbany Athletics, providing athletic scholarships, capital improvements and support of our student-athletes competing in the University’s 18 Division I varsity sports. We seek engaged and passionate supporters to build on the program’s success and take UAlbany Athletics to the next level of excellence.


Why We Need Your Support

 Your investment is a critical component of Great Dane success. It is important that our student-athletes have the support and backing of a strong fan base. Your commitment to UAlbany Athletics allows for enhanced academic support, new and improved facilities, and the hiring and retention of top coaches. As outlined below, the cost of competing at the highest level and providing a quality education for outstanding student-athletes is significant. The primary resource for meeting this need is revenue generated by the Great Dane Athletic Club (GDAC).

Sustaining our success – athletically and academically – requires that more fans, organizations and businesses become partners in the GDAC mission. Now is the time to get involved and secure the future of UAlbany Athletics.  Membership runs on the calendar year and can begin with a gift of as little as $100 annually. This yearly contribution will count towards benefits such as parking, and hospitality for both Men's Basketball and Football.  New members can contribute at any level, but must make a gift to activate their membership and receive certain benefits.


Investing in Greatness





Q: How do I become a member of the Great Dane Athletic Club?
A: You can become a member of the GDAC by donating a minimum of $100 to the GDAC.
There are also a variety of other ways to support UAlbany Athletics.

Q: Why should I donate to the Great Dane Athletic Club?
A: Private support is crucial to the success of UAlbany’s Athletic Department, which relies on self-generated revenues to operate. Your individual support helps talented young people receive a quality education from UAlbany while also ensuring they have all the tools necessary to compete at the highest level of competition.

Q: What benefits do I receive for becoming a member of the Great Dane Athletic Club?

GDAC members receive a variety of membership benefits which include, but are not limited to, invitations to GDAC functions and priority seating options for Football and Men’s Basketball. For a complete breakdown of benefits and annual giving levels, please refer to the Benefits Chart.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, a portion of your donation will be tax deductible.  The total amount that will be deductible is based on benefits received.   If your contribution includes the option to purchase scholarship seating (and you did not decline this option at the time you made your donation), the IRS allows only 80% of the donation to be tax deductible.  Other benefits available can further reduce deductibility and are listed on our website at www.ualbanysports.com/gdac/.

Q: What is the Priority Points Program?
A: The Priority Points Program was designed to reward those who have demonstrated long-term giving and generosity towards UAlbany Athletics. It is used to determine seating at away games, post-season tournaments, parking allocation and new season ticket requests.

Q: What is the best way to increase my Priority Point Standing?
A: Increasing your annual giving level and purchasing season tickets are the easiest ways to increase your Priority Point standing.

Q: Does my gift to the Great Dane Athletic Club provide me benefits for both Football and Basketball seasons?
A: Yes! The annual fund gift you ake will cover any per-seat gift minimums for both Football and Basketball seasons, as well as hosbility and parking benefits for both sports.

Q: Who is a Representative of UAlbany Athletics Interest per NCAA Compliance regulations?

You are a Representative of Athletics Interests if ANY of the following applies:

  • You are the parent or legal guardian of an enrolled student-athlete
  • You are faculty or staff of UAlbany
  • You are a former student or fan of UAlbany
  • You are or have ever have been a season ticket holder
  • You are or have been a member/donor of the Great Dane Athletic Club or Great Dane Athletics
  • You have made any financial contributions to UAlbany
  • You have participated in promoting the UAlbany athletics program
  • You have assisted or have been requested to assist in the recruitment of prospects
  • You have provided NCAA permissible benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families
  • You currently employ or have previously provided or helped arrange employment for enrolled student-athletes or prospective student-athletes who have signed a National Letter of Intent
  • Once an individual has been identified as a Representative of Athletic Interest, how long does he/she retain this identity? Forever

Q: Is it possible to become a Representative of Athletic Interest without doing anything listed above? 

Yes. The NCAA has developed guidelines determining whether or not an individual has become a Representative of Athletic Interest and/or provided a student-athlete, their relatives or friends with an impermissible benefit. In addition, a person can be a representative of more than one institution.
For questions regarding your relationship with the University as a Representative of Athletic Interest please contact:

Melissa Peach
Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
(518) 442-3005
Twitter: @UAlbanyBylaws 

Jose Genao
Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
(518) 442-3045




Our Team

Casey W. Crandall '07, '12
Director of Development for UAlbany Athletics
Justin J. Brown
Assistant Director of Annual Giving, UAlbany Athletics

Nathaniel Mason
Assistant Athletic Director - Tickets & Promotions

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