FIU Athletics Compliance Office 

Mission Statement

FIU Athletics is committed to the principle of institutional control.  The Athletics Compliance Office (ACO) at FIU has been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring institutional control.  The ACO serves the University, its supporters, athletics staff, prospective student-athletes and current student-athletes by creating an atmosphere of compliance with NCAA, Sun Belt Conference, and University legislation resulting in institutional control.  Such an atmosphere is created by, but not limited to continuing education, monitoring, assisting with rule interpretations and enforcement of applicable legislation.

Current Panthers
Current Panthers
Extra Benefits
- Sports Wagering - Don't Bet On It
- Student-Athlete Fees For Lessons
Employment Approval Form
- SA/PSA Employment Agreement Form
- FIU Student Conduct & Conflict 
- Student Athlete Academic Center
FIU Hazing Policy
NCAA Banned Drug List
Walk-On Tryout Packet
- Voluntary Summer Activity Request Form 
- 2011 SA Summer Contact Form 
- Career Ending Medical Hardship
- Summer League - Team Permission Form - Baseball
- Summer League - Team Permission Form - Basketball
- Summer League - Team Permission Form - Soccer
- Summer League - Team Permission Form - Volleyball
Future Panthers 
Prospective Panthers
Academic Eligibility  
Guide For College
   Bound Student-Athletes
- Becoming A Student-Athlete
- NCAA Initial Eligibility
- NCAA Division I Tool Kit
NCAA Transfer Guide
NCAA International Guide
NCAA Eligibility Center 
FIU Admissions
FIU Academic Data
- Academic Progress
Report (APR)
Graduation Success Rate 
- NLI's
Panther Fans
Agents, Boosters, or Fans 
- FIU Agent/Advisor Policy & Registration Packet
NCAA Bylaws Governing Agents
Florida Legislation Governing Agents

- Bosters Defined
- Extra Benefits
- Prospective Student-
Athlete (PSA)
Current Student-Athlete
- Autographed Items - Donation  Request

FIU Compliance Manual
- ACO Policies & Procedures Manual
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Valerie M. Sheley
Director of University Athletics Compliance    
(305) 348-2843
Lynn Newson
Assitant Director/Eligibility  
(305) 348-0507
Monique Garcia
Assitant Director/APR Specialist   
(305) 348-8394

Athletics Compliance Office Work #305-348-4417
Athletics Compliance Fax #305-348-6402
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